Monday, July 15, 2013

Rain Running

To kick off John's Aquaphor NYC Triathlon weekend (more on this tomorrow) my mother was saintly enough to take our kids for 48 hours -- the longest J and I have been without kids.  All hail the "Sherpa Grandma".

As soon as I got back from dropping them off I wanted to plop my butt on the couch.  However, I went out in the rain and got my 90 minute run done (as per my July goals).  It was pouring raining.  POURING.
This picture doesn't do the rain justice.
This run goes down in the books as one of the most life altering runs I have had to date.  Not due to physical performance but due to the lasting impact it has had on my thoughts on life (not just sport).  I ran the majority of this run with no music.  Being alone with my thoughts and listening to my body work was equal parts profound and zen.  I left an overabundance of negative thought, doubt, and emotional nonsense on the pavement.  It was a rebirth...pruned skin and all.

It took me a few days to process the experience and here are some of my personal observations:

We all get to a place where believing in ourselves is a stumbling block.  We allow self doubt to cloud our minds and limit our dreams.  In my experience, having the tenacity to "push" through these limiting thoughts is what turns faith into belief.

But HOW?  How do you push through these limiting thoughts? Here is what I have found to be true for me:

  • Find a place in your mind where you can "sit" in compassionate observation of your thoughts and feelings.  
  • Practice patience and love for yourself (and others).  
  • Respect your choices in this moment.
  • Embrace your fears. 
  • Just be. 
In time, belief will overtake the limiting thoughts and energy for your goals will flow freely. 

I realize I use the word "push" which gives an aggressive tone.  Conversely, I use the word "sit" which gives a more passive tone.  I briefly thought about trying to find a word other than "push" but in the end it is the balance of aggressive pursuit and passive vigilance that somehow made this process work...for me.

With ever expanding gratitude for this journey,