Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tired, Truckin' On, and Tunes

SO tired! I--Tara--am SO, SO, very tired (and sore)!  The last two weeks have be B-A-N-A-N-A-S! John had two races and we had a family vacation with a long drive in between.  On top of that, the littlest A has been getting us up almost every night for the last TWO weeks.  Her bug bites itch, her earrings (just got them) are bothering her, it is too dark in her room, or for no good reason.  Always around the 3 am hour which is like a giant "F You" because we get up between 4 am and 4:30 am.  I usually can't fall back to sleep at that point. Oh, and I am sore from all the miles I put on my legs (and feet) between my runs and walking all over the city this weekend.  Yes, John and I both have weekend recaps coming for the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon...stay tuned.

Truckin' on - somehow while tired I am also very motivated to get some good training sessions in.  I don't have any races coming up (officially) but I have ideas.  I truly love to train. I feel more connected to everything around me (including my husband).  I like to feel strong.  I like watching how my body adapts to different challenges.  Maybe the biggest payoff is how my mind works while "on training".  Gone are the worries, anxieties, and insecurities that come with everyday life.

However, this morning I woke up and DID NOT want to get on that bike! Period.  I ran yesterday morning.  I swam last night. All "shake out" (easy) stuff because I am STILL sore.  My bed was calling my name.
The color of my bike is Sexy Candy Mango
I love the name of the color!
I made myself get up.  I told myself I am an athlete.  I caught John before he was headed out for a ride and complained.  He was in "Coach John" mode.  Never one to engage me in my complaints, he chatted with me about random stuff.  Then very diplomatically told me (encouraged me) to get on the trainer.  It wasn't enough to get me there so I put on some gear that would help me feel more like an athlete.
Clothes that make me feel
Following John's protocol of "just spinning out my legs", I found an easy cadence.  Pedaling at a 12 mph average speed, I cranked up some good music.  Managing to eek out 40 minutes was enough to put me in the happy place.

In the "Pain Cave"

Tunes - 
I get a lot of questions for playlist recommendations.  My music tastes are ridiculously eclectic (don't judge!).  Here are the songs that I listened to this morning:
  1. Light 'em Up - Fall Out Boy
  2. Calculate - Everyday Sunday
  3. Hot Like Sauce - Pretty Lights
  4. No Sugar in My Coffee - Caught a Ghost
  5. Greyhound - Swedish House Mafia
  6. We Run the Night - Havana Brown
  7. Between the Raindrops - Lifehouse
If you are looking for the magic motivation bullet to get your workout in, it doesn't really exist.  I like to have a "toolbox" of motivational techniques that I can pull out when needed.  Sometimes, like today, multiple tools are necessary.  
  • I needed to have a chat with myself -- 'be an athlete'.
  • I needed an external motivator (John).  
  • I needed to feel/look the part (badass clothes).  
  • I needed to pump myself up with a good beat (helpful playlists).  
Other days, its easier.  Once the sweat starts to come you never regret that first step (or pedal stroke).
Picture from

What motivates you to train?  Do you need external motivators, internal motivators, both? 

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  1. Whatever it takes sometimes...I admit to buying new workout clothes and getting embarrassing music if I need to, to get me going. No shame in that! I can't believe you wake up at 4 a.m. though! I guess you need to to work out before work?

  2. Yes, need to workout before work or else it gets too dicey. I like knowing I got it in (at least once). Plus John gets up at that time and it is our few minutes of cherished peace!!

    Thanks for reading!