Thursday, July 4, 2013

Book Review: Fitness Confidential (Tara's Review)

Epic Badass!
I picked up Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich and Dean Lorey because I am an avid listener of the America's Angriest Trainer podcast. I think Vinnie is great with his humble, down to earth, keep it real attitude. I have a deep appreciation for his years of experience and depth of knowledge which is backed up by a degree from Tulane!

I had exceedingly high expectations for this book and it did not disappoint. Through sharing his own unique experiences, which included countless failures, Vinnie imparts his knowledge and proves its depth. I am truly amazed at what this man has overcome in his life. Inspiring beyond all that is comprehensible. His advice is reasonable...don't diet. His suggestions are simple -- stay away from sugar, stay a way from grains, and get in some exercise. He promises no get fit quick scheme. No dangerously hard efforts for beginners and no lure of 30 second abs of steel. Vinnie gives you confidence that his research has been tested and works. No sugar. No grains. Do a few simple exercises and vary them. But wait...there's more!

Vinnie dispels many myths along the way that will either enlighten you or validate you. Either way, it is pivotal.

The pros are the format (no confusing graphs, charts, illustrations, or BS recipes); his points are crisp; his stories illustrate his points well; and Vinnie is a fountain of inspiration. The Furnace Creek 508 race report hit me at my core. The detail and delivery made me feel like I was experiencing it at this very moment. One of my favorite parts of the book is where he describes his relationship with Dean. Once I read that I had a better understanding of why this book was so....well, awesome. The book is a conversation among friends. While these stories are undoubtedly Vinnie's, you can't miss Dean's genius in these pages. It flows very naturally, eloquently, and intellectually.

Fitness Confidential is a quick read thanks to the easy flowing format, boasts superior writing, and poignant anecdotes. It's a must buy for anyone starting on a health and wellness journey, continuing their journey, tweaking their journey, or just looking for inspiration.

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