Friday, July 5, 2013

SO, this happened...

Something has been in the works for a few weeks that I have managed to keep a secret.  I--Tara--had the opportunity to be on The Angriest Trainer podcast, episode 153 titled Fasting, NSNG, and Tara Newman.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Voccino for about 20 minutes regarding health and wellness in the corporate environment.

There were definitely a few highlights:
  • Vinnie tried to get my name right.  How hard is it to say TARA?
  • He wants me to get my entire company reading Fitness Confidential and then he will come do a talk.  I even got him thinking to combine the talk with a New York book signing.  Need to get my sister who is a Publicity Manager on this one!  Sorry sis.
  • At the end he makes John's day and says he is HANDSOME! At which point I totally agreed!
My Handsome husband
He was coaching me on my run the other day
For those of you not familiar with The Angriest Trainer podcast, it has great information on fitness, diet, and life.  Vinnie's co-host Anna Voccino is a comedic actress and an exceptionally talented voice over personality.  One might not understand Anna's role on the podcast but she is integral.  She keeps Vinnie in check (big time) and she demonstrates her chops regularly.  Anna never disappoints with how funny, smart, and talented she is.  Honestly, she makes the show. Vinnie just wouldn't be Vinnie without Anna (sorry Vin!).

Isn't she pretty?
LOVE her!
SO, check me out on the podcast but be warned.  ALL of the America's Angriest Trainer podcasts are marked explicit...for good reason!

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  1. So awesome! Isn't it fun to be in the show? I haven't heard that one yet, I save them for when I am driving at work. But awesome! I can't wait to hear it! And thank you for your kind words on my blog!!!

    1. Yeah, it was fun. Then he mentioned me on the Rich Roll podcast! Almost fainted. LOL.