Friday, June 28, 2013

July 2013 Goals

I, Tara, have been working on a blog post that I started after having a very “run happy” run the other day but my subsequent runs have not been so “run happy”.  I am having a hard time finishing the post.  I am not upset about my less than happy runs.  As a runner I know it comes with the territory.  Runners (and triathletes) are such a unique breed -- able to endure the unendurable, able to push to a place of mental/physical discomfort, able to survive failure because we know sweet success is just a heartbeat away.  I just can’t finish the “run happy” post.  

My last few (less than stellar) runs have me more focused on what my July goals should be.  I am heart rate training following Phil Maffetone’s 180 formula found here.  After listening to Tawnee Prazak’s interview with Phil on Endurance Planet I realized this was a method I could prescribe to.  I encourage any level runner to listen to the podcast.  It was chock full of great information and definitely a paradigm shift for me.  His “dissertation” regarding the effect of stress on your training was something that hit home.  I internalize a lot of stress and negate it’s impact on my health and training.  
I have seen Maffetone’s method work for several people and have decided to stick to it for a few months (in earnest).  Not going to allow myself to get side tracked with my “Training ADHD”.  It is a struggle to say the least.  I can walk faster than I am running in an effort to keep my heart rate in the proper MAF zone.  Now I am in July, on Long Island, what feels like the humidity capital of the world.  My heart rate is WACK!  I know I should toss the Garmin to the side and just run.  However, this Type A girl likes her data no matter how dismal it looks.

Just because I have trouble focusing on one thing, I have changed a number of things in my life in the last few weeks.  One was the heart rate training.  The two other things I have changed is my diet (not a vegetarian anymore) and I got in the pool (and loved it!).

Yum! Mahi Mahi Burgers
on a bed of Veggies
I have been a vegetarian (at times a vegan) for almost six years.  I have so many legitimate reasons for starting to eat meat again -- I am saving it for another post.  Let’s just say I feel great.  I had been trending in this direction and then read this blog post by Alex Jamieson who is noted for her book “The Great American Detox Diet” as well as her appearance in Supersize Me.  In addition to adding animal protein back into my diet, I have also increased my healthy fats and reduced my carbs and sugars.  Not just a little change.  This is MASSIVE.  I am a complete science experiment right now.  Like I said, more on this later.

I have also jumped back in the pool after a few years.  Not that I was ever any serious swimmer.  I had a lesson today to brush up on some techniques and get my head set.  I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to don the swim cap and goggles again!
My new favorite trail
Belmont Lake State Park

OK, my long awaited July 2013 Goals:
  1. Continue with my heart rate training (I’ve GOT this!)
  2. Complete FOUR 90 minute runs.
  3. Increase my monthly mileage by 10%.
  4. Get in the pool!
  5. Keep the diet changes consistent so I know if the changes are working.

What are your July 2013 Goals? Anyone doing or ever done Maffetone (or any other heart rate) training? Anyone make any big changes recently? Please share so we can all learn!

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